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The following handouts will guide you to lawn success
  -Site Preparation
  -Selecting the Right Turfgrass
  -Planting Your Lawn
  -Watering Your Lawn
  -Fertilizing Your Lawn
  -Mowing Your Lawn
  -Topdressing Your Lawn
  -Controlling Thatch in Your Lawn
  -Controlling Weeds in Your Lawn
  -Four Simple Rules for Maintaining a Nice Lawn
  -What’s Wrong With My Lawn?


For more specialized turfgrass areas, we offer the following:
  -Sodding Your Lawn
  -Turfgrass Walkways and Driveways
  -Turfgrass for Gravesites
  -Turfgrass on Slopes
  -Playgrounds and Sportsfields
  -Your Pets and Your Lawn


And for those who want all the details on their special grass:    
  -Turfgrass Identification and Characteristics
  -St. Augustinegrass in Hawaii
  -Zoysiagrass in Hawaii
  -'Z-3' zoysiagrass